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How You Can Help


MAIN MESSAGE:  Mayor Fuller - it’s time to increase the allocation for 

Newton Public Schools!!


Level 1-  participate in the NTA postcard campaignemail campaign, “like” or “comment” on NTA/PEC posts on social media, encourage people to sign up for the PEC mailing list. 


Level 2- contact additional city and state representatives and/or media (Contact information for City Leadership and Press)


Level 3-  take action as a group.  Connect with other people from your community to set up a group meeting with your City Councilor or your School Committee representative.

Join the Parent-Educators Collaborative

Sign up for the mailing list here

Host a Lawn Sign

Show your support to your neighbors by displaying a lawn sign.

Request it here

Stand with Teacher during line the hall events and rallies

Ask any Newton teacher in your life for the next event

Spread Awareness

Share this website with other parents and community members

Contact the Mayor

The Mayor has the power to increase the NPS budget.  

You can email the mayor at


Tweet the Mayor:


and/or @NewtonMAMayor

Share your ideas

Other ideas on how to help? Please get in touch!

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