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Parents and Educators Working Together

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Who We Are

The original members of the PEC shared a concern over a lack of transparency from our city leaders.   This lack of transparency coupled with a “stay in your lane” culture among many members of city leadership, had created fertile ground for hostility, division and lack of trust among and between NPS stakeholders.  Of particular concern to this group was the rhetoric of our city's leadership about educators.  At the time that this group was founded, NPS educators expressed feeling undervalued, and targeted by anti-teacher commentary on social media and other platforms.

Through open conversation and the development of respectful relationships and partnerships, we continue to work hard to confront and attempt to heal some of the divisions that have grown in our community. 

National context

Our country is facing a staggering teacher shortage.  Educators are leaving the profession at an alarming rate, and the number of people entering  teacher preparation programs has dropped precipitously.  Newton is not immune to this problem.  Like most school districts around the country, NPS has been struggling to fill positions at every level.  There were an alarming number of teachers who left their positions at the end of last school year, and some even left during the year, which is something that was incredibly rare before the pandemic.  Because of this, it is of utmost importance to attract and retain teachers with a contract that offers a competitive salary and supportive working conditions. 

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