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Councilor Surveys

Dear Parent/Educator Collaborative Community,

Early voting for Newton’s municipal election starts Oct. 28 - Nov. 1,  with election day on Nov. 7.  (Voting details here.)   School Committee races are uncontested this year, and we have not interviewed the candidates or current members.The PEC leadership team wishes to highlight and underscore that the Newton City Council is positioned to take a substantial and active role in securing adequate funding for a Fair Contract for our city’s teachers.  Our conversations with educators reveals that NPS is being impacted by a crisis of low morale, and is likewise on the  brink of a staffing crisis.  Teachers are stretched thin by the overwhelming workload created by chronic underfunding.  Many teachers have left the district in recent years, and many more have an “exit plan”.  If the NTA does not receive a Fair Contract,we stand to lose many dedicated educators to neighboring districts who understand the importance of funding schools and treating educators with fairness and respect.

We need our City Councilors to take a stand and take action.

To that end, we have reached out to all candidates for City Council (both new candidates and incumbents) and asked them to answer these 5 questions:

  1. Do you support the Mayor's "Booster Stabilization Fund"?  What are its strengths and what should change?**

  2. What do you view as the relationship between new development (housing, commercial) and the schools?

  3. Please share your thoughts on the national teacher shortage, and how it impacts Newton's ability to  attract and retain strong educators. Does a city councilor have a role? What is it?

  4. Operating overrides help ensure the health of our schools. What is your plan for and role in ensuring successful overrides?

  5. The current contract offers teachers a COLA of 2% or less. NPS Unit C employees report a non-living wage. Do you believe it is reasonable to expect the NTA to accept the current terms?  How can you, as a city councilor, advocate for a fair contract?

Here are the responses from those who answered the survey.

 If you support the schools, please use this information to learn more about the candidates and hold them accountable once they are elected.  Thank you!

**Please note that City Council voted on the Booster Stabilization Fund on October 16.  The Booster Stabilization Fund included no money for NPS for this school year, and very little for next school year.


Councilors who voted in favor of the plan:  Albright, Baker, Crossley, Greenberg, Grossman, Kalis, Krintzman, Leary, Lipof, and Norton.

Councilors who opposed the plan: Bowman, Danberg, Gentile, Humphrey, Kelley, Laredo, Lucas, Malakie, Markiewicz, Noel, Oliver, Ryan, and Wright.

Names in bold are those running for re-election. Councilor Downs was absent and didn't vote.

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